Do you wish to obtain insurance cover of your properties through Lloyd’s of London ? ALBION is the gateway which provides you access to this historical and prestigious market.

From its very first steps in maritime insurance in 1688, Lloyd’s has been a pioneer in the field and over 300 years has forged its position as a leader in the market of specialised insurance worldwide.

As from 1907 the Gafner insurance company has been established in Lausanne and since 1953 it has specialised in insurance cover through Lloyd’s of London.

In 1996, Mr. Lucien Gafner handed over the department of Lloyd's to Mrs Valentine Leu who had been in his service since 1984.

This office is now called ALBION and proposes its expertise in the establishment of personalised All Risks insurance covers.

ALBION caters for clients who have their main or secondary homes in Switzerland or abroad and are seeking quality professional service as well as a degree of security and optimal confidentiality.

Mrs Valentine Leu, director of ALBION, will advise you personally as to the rates and conditions of cover. She will be your contact while the policy is being prepared, throughout the period of cover and when claims are being settled.

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